INSPIRATION: In 2010 Ezequiel decided to enter a period of fasting asking God for inspiration and a business idea to work and develop. He began fasting on Monday, and was determined to end the fast only when he got an answer for that purpose. After four days of continuous fasting, Ezequiel woke up with a question in mind: Why waste so much water in the toilet just to eliminate the urine?

Believing that it was the inspiration he lacked, and with this question in mind, began to study the market and see that to reduce water consumption in toilets the alternatives were to exchange the toilet for more economic models, exchange pipes for reduce the flow, or even install a rainwater reuse system, but all of these options were expensive and took too long time. Then seeing the need to reduce this waste of water, he thought of an inexpensive product that could be easily attached to any toilet model, there arose the Piipee. After more than six months studying and developing chemical formulations, the Piipee reached his first goals and product.


TODAY: In November 2015 the product went on sale in Brazil and abroad. With over 10,000 products ordered in pre-order, Piipee starts walking a path toward success.


FUTURE: Natural resources are increasingly scarce, so save any natural resource is a necessity. We believe that the Piipee can help develop a better future. With Piipee it is no longer necessary to use drinking water, a precious resource, just to eliminate urine on the toilet. We believe that within 10 years, no one should waste water in the toilet and with the Piipee this is possible.









Founder and President.

Degree in International Business by the UCS (2013), had the idea of Piipee in 2010. His course conclusion work was about the Piipee.

Responsible for the production and marketing of Piipee throughout Brazil and abroad.




Founder and Partner.

Graduated in Psychology from UCS (2014), contributes from the beginning to the development, product design, user experience with the product and is also studying user behavior. Its course conclusion work was about the Piipee.
Responsible for administrative tasks and customer relationships.